US Stock Trade Malaysia – Stock Market Review I Nov 5th, 2018 I

US Stock Trade Malaysia – Stock Market Review I Nov 5th, 2018 I

Seeking direction again

Last week, market finally confirm the rebound. For now, it looks like market is trying to recover, and a lot of positive news was in the market. All of these have pushed the sentiment up and allow the buyer to continue to push higher.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 29 Oct  2018

  1. DLTR, long
  2. PKG, long

For DLTR, it is a small win, around $4 movement.


For PKG, it is a clear win, with $8 movement up.



Market Updates

Market is still in volatile period, with mid term election on coming Tuesday, a lot of uncertainty is in the market.

For now, the sign is pointing to a breather to the few days rally, and we are likely going to see a quiet Monday.

For low risk taker, it is best to wait for the election results to come out before establishing new position.

Our pick for 05 Nov 2018

  1. No Pick

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