Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Sept 2nd, 2019

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Sept 2nd, 2019

Trade planning cancelled, trade deal become uncertain again.  

Last week, we abandon trade planning before market planning with new development on the trade deal.

Trump said that china top officers called to go back to trade talk, and market cheers just hours before market open.

Adding to the uncertainty, china, on the other hand, do not confirm the call.

Thus, we abandoned our trade planning before market opened.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 26th August 2019

  1. SWKS, short
  2. XYL, short

In this particular week, we issued abandon trade planning to our students before market open.

Market Updates

Currently, market is not in clear trend.

It is a tough time to perform trade with our type of set up.

US just imposed new tariff effective yesterday, and no sign of any relief so far.

It is probably going to be another sideway week.

Our pick for 2nd September 2019

  1. No Pick

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