Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, June 10th, 2019

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, June 10th, 2019

US reached deal with Mexico


Last week, market rebounded strongly.

Tech was hit when the big tech was investigated with the antitrust act.
However, market recovers strongly after that and was strengthen with low job growth, which increases the chances of a rate cut.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 3rd June  2019

  1. EOG, short

TTC, is lost.


Market Updates

Last week, Market rebounded and seems like going to continue with that.

Mexico had reached a deal with US, and the tariff will not be imposed, easing a lot of anxiety in the market.

With job report being worse than expected, it also increases the chance of a rate cut, and market is pricing that in.

While we are still cautious with the market, we are going to long.

Our pick for 10th  June 2019

  1. ENSG, long



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