Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Jan 21st, 2020

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Jan 21st, 2020

Earnings session again

Last week marked the start of the new earnings announcement session.

And, so far, everything looks good.


Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 13th Jan 2020

  1. DG, Long.

In DG case, as mentioned, the pick will last for a few days, and we get an entry on Tuesday.
Currently, position is in green, time to protect the position is a win.


Market Updates

For now, in general, market is going up, however, headlines are probably going to break the market.

With Downgrades of HK, the potential outbreak of coronavirus & high valuation at this time, it is now getting riskier.

For now, we are still going for long but will stay extra cautious.

Going long.

Our pick for 21st Jan 2020

  1. No Pick from our watchlist

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Till next week,

Happy trading

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