Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Jan 21st, 2019 I

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Jan 21st, 2019 I

The positive sign on trade

Last week, market were very much cautious on the early session, however, with the optimism on trade talk, market surged on Friday.

With China central bank injected record liquidity to the market, and the rumors that US might be lifting tariff, market surged.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 14 Jan 2019

  1. TILE, long

On TILE, it is a small win.

Market Updates

Market sentiment is upbeat currently.

Earnings had been very much on the positive side, and market is expecting a deal to be done between US & China.

On the technical perspective, market is now getting closer to resistance, and it would be critical to monitor for a breakout.

Currently, our view is the market looks to continue uptrend, and we are going to long the market.

Our pick for 21 Jan 2019

  1. HQY, long

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