Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Dec 17th, 2018 I

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Dec 17th, 2018 I

Volatility is back for another week.

Last week, we have an upbeat opening and end the week with almost no changes.

It was a noisy week with a lot of unclear sign. A lot of speculation is being made with the arrest of Huawei CFO, and later with iphone banned in china. Is this the responses from trade negotiation? No one can say for sure.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 10 Dec  2018

  1. No PIck

Market Updates

Market is currently highly volatile. Friday sell-off indicates player are not confident with the market for now.

This wed, we will see the fed rate decisions, and that will again create a bumpy ride in the market.

On technical perspective, the outlook doesn’t looks well with formation of Lower Low.

It is a higher risk market, and not advisable for mid term planning.

Our pick for 17 Dec 2018

  1. No Pick

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