Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Dec 9th, 2019

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Dec 9th, 2019

Flip-flopping again

Last week, market was very much flip-flopping with updates on the trade deal.

Market was optimistic until Trump says he thinks a deal in 2020 is fine. Market post strong sell-off

However, another report came out says that the trade deal is progressing well and is moving towards a deal after that, market recovers and is now getting closer to all-time high again.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 2nd Dec 2019

  1. HQY, long


We closed the position on Tuesday and recorded a loss as earnings announcement came after market closed on Tuesday.


Market Updates

This is going to be a volatile week with decision on tariff due by 15th.

The initial plan was to raise another round of tariff on China products to US by 15th, it would be crucial for the tariff to be canceled and rollback some of the earlier tariff for the deal to be sealed.

However, with the good economic data so far, it is questionable if Trump would rollback these tariff.

If there is no rollback, market would sell.

It is going to be high risk, and prepare to get out before end of the week.

Our pick for 9th  Dec 2019

  1. ANTM, long

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