Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Dec 24th, 2018 I

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Dec 24th, 2018 I

Sharp Drop in Market

Last week, we anticipated a bad market, and it became one of the worst weeks in stock performance.

With trade uncertainties in the market, it was a rather fragile market.

The market went from bad to worse after Fed rate hike and anticipation of 2 more hikes in 2019.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 17 Dec  2018

  1. No PIck

On 17th, we didn’t issue any pick, but things changed drastically on 18th.

We issued alert to all our members that market is poised for more downside and recommended short. The alert was sent across to all our earlier batches of students too.


market review

Market Updates

Market is now poised for more downside.

We see a technical rebound happening early session this week, and will be closely monitoring for more downside.
It is expected to push further downside this week.

It is a higher risk market, and not advisable for mid-term planning.

Our pick for 24 Dec 2018

  1. HRS, short
  2. FIVE, short

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Merry Xmas to all.Happy trading


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