Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Aug 5th, 2019

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Aug 5th, 2019

Mama Mia, Here we go again!

Last week,  everything goes haywire with Trump’s tweet.

At 1st, Trump tweeted that he is disappointed with the non-action by China in purchasing of Agri product, then he makes a further move by announcing a 10% tariff on all remaining products from china.

Market tumbles, even after fed cut. It is now a very uncertain market.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 29th July  2019

  1. VEEV, long

Veev, is lost. On Monday, strong selling in the tech sector is pulling down a lot of tech company.


Market Updates

Currently, market is confused. While Fed cut rates, it also said that no further cut is being likely. And with Trump’s new tariff on China, but at the same time strong data, market is confused.

It is now a high-risk market, and it would probably an early signal for a downtrend market.

We are going for short today.

Our pick for 5th August 2019

  1. XYL, short

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