Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Aug 26th, 2019

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review, Aug 26th, 2019

Special alert issued to members, & Trade war, intensified.

Last week, signal were out on Tuesday whereby we can see seller pushing.

On Wed, FOMC minutes do not indicate any further cut, market reacted quite mutedly.

However, things start to get ugly on Friday, when China announced that it will impose a tariff on US products into china.

While Fed Chair mentioned that Fed will do what is necessary to ensure economic expansion, it does not help the market, after Trump tweet US will further impose more tariff on China product.

To make thing worst, Trump commented he has a 2nd thought, whereby Whitehouse clarify that Trump was instead regretting not imposing higher tariff earlier.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 19th August 2019

  1. TSCO, long

In this particular week, we issued another special alert to all our students, on 21st August (Wed) before market open. The alert was served as a warning for our members to get out of long position.

TSCO, in this case, was a small win. With the alert, we are out on Wed, with a small profit.  despite a big sell off on Wed, is a win.


Market Updates

Currently, market is not in clear trend, technical wise, but bias down.

With the development so far, market are poised to further sell-off this week, until special development of trade talk, or Fed.

Looking at the current case, it is a volatile market with shorting opportunity.

We are shorting this week and will want to close the position before the end of the week.

Our pick for 26th  August 2019

  1. SWKS, short
  2. XYL, short

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