Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Dec 10th, 2018 I

Stock Market News: Stock Market Review I Dec 10th, 2018 I


Volatility is back

Last week, market gap on Monday following positive trade development after G20. Market cheers and gap up.

However, the sentiment faded off very quickly after the official statement from US & China defers. It added more ambiguity to the market as the trade talk may not be as bright as it was thought.

As a result, market sell-off.

Last week pick updates

Our Pick for 3 Dec  2018

  1. ENTG, long
  2. CGNX, long

stock market news 1

ENTG case, with the gap up, the trade was abandoned as it gapped up too high for entry.


stock market news 2

In CGNX, it is a similar case with ENTG. It gapped up too high and the trade was abandoned.


Market Updates

Market is currently highly volatile. After few days of sell-off, it is now again at the low for the past 2 months.

On a technical perspective, the outlook doesn’t look well.

Formation of lower High had been formed, and it is now a descending triangle pattern.

It is a higher risk market, and not advisable for mid-term planning.

Our pick for 3 Dec 2018

  1. No Pick

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