Business KickStart Step-by-Step

2 days, step-by-step business startup planning.

Everything you need to know to start a business successfully.

Investing & Trading

Investing - compact 4 hrs, 4 strategies

Trading - 2 days, hands-on with real market data

Sales & Marketing Techniques

Multiple 1 & 2 days program

online marketing, facebook ads, instagram, social media .. etc

Choose Your Right Path

What is your natural behavior? Choose the right environment & platform for you to perform better

1 day, recognize your inner self & your happiest way to success.


Business KickStart Step-by-Step

Most startup fails within the 1st year.

Main reason? No proper planning. 

Common planning failure : No market needs, Ran out of Cash, Pricing/Cost issues, Poor marketing.... etc

In this 2-days program, we share with you all the steps needed to ensure you have the right planning.

From business fundamentals, Idea generation, to P/L simulation, to pre-launch marketing, and many others critical planning steps.

Sales & Marketing

Revenue generation is number ONE priority in any kind of businesses, be it conventional brick & mortar business or online business.

Sales & Marketing knowledge will be the crucial knowledge to generate revenue.

Our programs focus on social media marketing.

Multiple different platform, Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc.


Investing & Trading

Most "investor" & "trader" have no idea what they were doing when they were buying & selling stock.

Decision were made based on rumors, friend's suggestion, and sometimes just gut-feel. (This is high risk, and probably no difference from gambling)

Our programs helps individual Investors & Traders take back control using proven techniques & strategies.

Focus on the US stock markets, these techniques can be applied to other markets too.

Handy Investing :  

4-hours workshop, 4 different investing strategies

Lifestyle Trading: 

2-days workshop, all hands-on with real market data

Choose Your Right Path

A lot of people can excel in their jobs, career & lifestyle but do not feel happy. It is an uphill battle to reach where they are now.

But there are some other people who are just seems to fit well naturally in their jobs, career & lifestyle, it always seems easy for them. They are happier, performing better & faster.

Why so?

We are born with different behaviors. It comes within us naturally. If we recognize our behavioral style early in our life, we can choose a path that will be natural for us, and we can fit in seamlessly.

This 1 day program is specially design for parents & their teenage children, to help them choose the right path for their future.


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